There is strictly forbidden on the premises of the exhibition:

  • taking photos and filming
  • drive with a stroller
  • For safety reasons, the number of wheelchair users may be limited
  • bring jackets, coats, jackets, umbrellas, bags, backpacks
  • bring bags and large luggage
  • consume food and beverages
  • touch exposed exhibits, racks or showcases
  • make phone calls and show up loud
  • Enter with weapons, sharp objects and glass containers
  • be under the influence of alcohol or narcotics
  • smoking
  • animal entry

More rules:

  • At the entrance, the visitor may be subject to security checks
  • For safety reasons, the number of wheelchair users may be limited
  • Each ticket is equipped with a barcode and a check-up that will be checked or read by the responsible person upon receipt at the entrance to the event venue or after the ticket has been retrieved or canceled.
  • Fake ticket is a criminal
  • In case of damage, destruction, loss or theft, the ticket will not be replaced by a new one and no other compensation will be provided
  • Keep this ticket in a safe place
    • The organizer is not responsible for any problems and damages caused by unauthorized copying of this ticket
    • If the action is canceled, you must claim the return of the ticket at the place where the ticket was purchased
    • No special cost refund (eg hotel, transport costs) is provided
    • The owner of this ticket agrees that photographs, films, or video with his person may be used by the exhibitor, without cash refund
    • paid entrance and service charges are not refundable, the ticket is not exchanged!
    • If you are sick during a visit to the exhibition, do not hesitate to contact the staff, it is ready to help you